Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Previous Works in Progress - Now Abandoned =(

I've done quite a few works previously, which I abandoned halfway. Mainly because I was just starting out and experimenting. Anyway, here goes...

One thing about me - I just love trains, be it any kind. I have this toy which I used for reference to create a similar locomotive.

Model Reference

When I modeled this loco, I was just starting out new into the modeling process. I was new to the theory of low poly modeling, careful edge flow, surface normals, NURBS versus Sub-D versus Polygon, etc. As you can see, the edge flow is pretty screwed up and thus I could not move on further to texture it.

After studying a bit of the modeling theory, I decided to try out a human face. As you can see below, it's nothing great. Just the front part of the face, and after that, I decided to give up (=

The video below shows my first ever human rig, in fact, my very first proper rig. Though it isn't perfect and a 100% idio-proof, I'm still proud of the fact that it still works in most of the ways. Not quite good with weight painting, so did not bind it =( Enjoy!

I'll try to find more old stuff from my backups to put it up here in the future posts.

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