Sunday, November 8, 2009

Final Year Project (FYP) Blog

I'm now onto my final year project in my school. I'm required to make an animated short. My main focus on that would be look development, lighting and rendering.

This is the address:

All my development work, from concept to completion, for that project will be posted on that blog. My personal works will still be posted here.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Procedural Displacement

I was messing around with displacement shaders using mental Ray when I decided to test it out by creating a rough rocky mountain texture.

So I went onto creating a NURBS plane and sculpting it briefly to block out the shape.


I created a displacement shading network. I mostly used 3D textures provided by Maya and had them interconnected.


I set up the mental Ray physical sun with final gather turned on. When I did my first test render, the displacement did not show up correctly. So I went to the approximate editor to increase the displacement quality. Boy, the render time was expensive!! Roughly 20 minutes. Here’s the result.