Sunday, June 29, 2008

BMW Car Door Almost Complete

End of block, so it's obviously slack time. Been feeling lazy a lot for the past few days, but I decided to have a bit of discipline and not ignore on the BMW car modeling project that I started on. I have this bad habit. Once I start on something major, I would start feeling lazy and after a while, I tend to ignore it and not complete it. Which explains my previous works in progress, now abandoned.

So anyway, during class, I was bored so I opened up my Maya and started modeling the door. This was an easy process. All I had to do was create a plane with a bit of subdivision and line up the points accordingly. I had to be careful with the edges and thus the edge flow had to match that of the car's - meaning, the edge flow had to follow the contours of the car. One thing I noticed about this car is that the edges are pretty complex, especially at the door.

Notice how the door curves towards the bottom? I realised that minor details like these differentiates this Roadster from other BMW models. So anyway, I continued with my modeling process. Being my first time at modeling a car, I did not know whether to connect it to the front part of the car or to leave it as a separate model. I decided to connect. If need be, I could always separate it from the model later on. Now this was the most tedious part. The edge flow of the front part was very different from the edge flow of the door. So I had to find ways to get the edges together properly.

These are the screenshots of the door. The edge flow looks pretty messed up, and my management of vertices seems really bad because its starting to look like dented metal. I should be fixing that soon. I plan on concentrating on the edges of the door at the bottom and the top and how they would seamlessly connect to the front part of the car.

Will continue to update with more screenshots next time.

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