Sunday, June 22, 2008

My First Car Model - BMW Z4 Roadster E85 - WIP

I decided to practice and work on my modeling skills and I had always wanted to model an automobile. Thus I decided to jump right into it. I chose BMW because it's a very personal car to me - it's been my favourite since I watched my first James Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies. The design of the car always fascinated me.

I did a lot of research and took as many reference pics as possible of the car. Here is what I plan to create:

BMW Z4 Roadster E85

Personally, I think the design looks pretty cool to me. I also got the blue prints of this car. Once I had my research and reference all ready by my side, I jumped right into Maya, made my own custom workspace, laid out the blueprints and started the modeling process. I worked for approximately five to six hours before I came up with the look below:

The model looks as if the front of the car is dented, probably because I meddled too much with the vertices. I should be fixing it pretty soon, once I get the time from my school work.

More updates when I progress (=


  1. hiya buddy i also get that project but i am modeling car by different tricks ok see ya soon keep it up, Good wishes for ya my hotmail adress is see yur work

  2. Good for you man!

    It seems that you have enhanced your skill well. At this moment I could already say that you will be a famous car architect. And your first car by the way looks so fly!

    My first car was a gift from Dad during my Junior High. But what I am looking forward to have is Dad's first car in Los Angeles. Car dealer did a great PR on that car that made Dad buy during that time. That car is the best classic I have ever seen. I hope I could find one here in Orange County. Car dealers in this town should have one parked in their shop, just waiting to be seen.