Saturday, June 21, 2008

Previous Works - 2D Digital Artworks

These are few of the stuff that I did previously using Photoshop and Illustrator. I'll try to go in sequence if I can remember the chronology.

This was probably the first 2D digital artwork that I ever worked on. It was part of my school assignment. We were given a simple MTV logo and were told to create it in our own styles. I chose a very cool, windy and icy theme, hence the blue color and fog. Done entirely in Illustrator.

This is the first matte painting that I did using photoshop. It's meant to be a morning scene, probably around 7.30 am or 8. I wanted to give it a dreamy kind of look, thus I added a layer of thin mist and slight wind blowing. Done in Photoshop.

I wouldn't exactly call this one a painting, because it just turned out this way after experimenting. I decided to add the grass and the bush to give it a look of a very polluted and dirty lake scene. Done in Photoshop.

This particular matte painting, I was playing around with color and lighting and how they affected the environment. I did not have any particular mood in mind, but I wanted to create something greenish during sunset. Thus I gave my foreground mountain some detail and left the background mountain a little lain and barren as light was coming from behind the mountain. As usual, I added the fog and light rays and the familiar lens flare to give a dramatic mood to the scene. Done in Photoshop.

The above images are all created for the sake of experimentation. I was exploring Photoshop and wanted to create my very own desktop wallpaper using a set of different themes. The first one is obviously done in a Matrix style. The second is something random, with the focus in the centre. For the third one, I was inspired by the Saw movie poster and wanted to play with grungy and errie textures, thus I tried to create it in that way. The last one, I was playing around with painting fire thus I created that image. Again, I focused on color and light and how they affected the objects in the scene. All done in Photoshop.

That's it for now. More later (=

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