Friday, March 6, 2009

Norman Georgio - 3D Character Model Complete

So I finally finished my Norman character, complete with textures and an almost fully functional rig. I spent a lot of time rigging this guy, and I managed to finish all of it except his head. I did create tongue controls by figuring out which constraints to use and by a couple of set driven keys. I did not have time to do the paint weights properly, as submission was extremely near. So here are a few snaps of my dear Norman :)

Complete Norman model

Norman rig and controls

Pose Test

Pose Test

I was trying out a few blendshapes for facial animation. Just when I thought I was going on the right track, I realised that I had rigged the head in the wrong order, thus I had to delete all my blendshapes and re-do them:

Wrong set of blendshapes

Norman Head Close-up

Norman Facial Test

Here's a short animation I did on Norman walking. I did this is roughly two hours. It's not complete yet though.

When I get more time, I'll complete this properly with animation :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Norman Update

I have added onto Norman, my 3D character. I have modeled its clothes, shoes, fingers, legs, etc. All of these are attached to the body so that when I rig and bind it, everything follows. I am not intending to do cloth simulation, so I guess this method shouldn't be a problem. Here are some screenshots:

I started on the UV mapping for this character, and go stuck midway. It's hard as this is my first time doing UV mapping. Lots of work to do... shall probably continue tomorrow.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Night Scene Painting

The line drawing was given to me. I painted it to make it look like a night scene. Done using Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.

Spaceship DR-2009

I did all the above in one night.

I had the four orthographic views to create this spaceship. I separated the four images using Photoshop and alligned it in Maya. I used a NURBS spehere for the nose and roughly sculpted the shape before converting it to polygons. At this stage, I regretted doing that because I had a lot of edge flow to fix. I could have just used a polygon cylinder instead.

So anyway, I modeled everything from the nose onwards. I had lots of problem completing the last part of the spaceship, so I decided to use a separate polygon cyclinder instead. This workd out well. After finishing the wings and the landing-thingie, I cut up all the pieces and modified them for those different-panels-stuck-together look.

After the entire model was complete, I roughly laid out the UVs and textured everything in Photoshop. But apparently, I realised later on that the textures were in the wrong direction.

I brought everything into Vue and made a simple desert environment as the background and rendered the image you see above.

Here are more screen shots of my model.

Hopefully if I get the time, I'll re-texture my model.

Anyway, I made a teaser trailer kind of thing on my spaceship. Its called DR-2009 by the way :) It's completely rough. So just give it a chance :)