Friday, September 25, 2009

Fruit Bowl - All Procedural Textures

I decided to texture this entire scene procedurally to see how closely I can match the textures of the object to that of the real world. Hence, I removed the banana bitmap texture and created a procedural shader for it from scratch. Then, I made a shader for the cloth as well. Right now, it's pretty simple, but I blocked in the basic colors.

Here's the shading network for all the procedural shaders in the scene:

Also, I decided to change the lighting. I removed the HDRI globe. I created a directional light and adjusted the parameters so that the fruits can be take the best possible form with the shading and shadows.

After that,  I created a dome of about 45 spotlights covering the scene and set that to cast a soft blue fill light.

I then rendered the scene, which took me 8 min 50 sec to render, without any final gathering or global illumination. Here's the result:

The scene looks a little overexposed. Some of the shadows are still too harsh and some things in the scene have yet to be shaded.

I plan to work on adding indirect illumination through global illumination later on after I complete shading every single object in the scene.

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