Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adjusting lights on Fruit Bowl

I received feedback from a friend of mine about the shaders - banana texture looked too stretched and the cherry reflections looked too sharp. So I worked on these shaders and finished up the rest of the undone ones.

So now that I've got my shaders all set-up procedurally, I was changing and revising my light set-up. I made the shadows of my key light softer and reduced the intensity of my dome of fill lights. Here's the before and after comparison:



The shadow quality is still not there as you can see that they are noisy and jittery. Since this was going to be an outdoor scene, I was thinking of having the shadows of trees and leaves be cast on the scene - as if this bowl of fruits was laid on a picnic mat.

Hence, I plugged a noise texture into the light as a gobo to cast an irregular pattern on the fruits. Also, I removed my keylight, which was the directional light, and replaced it with a spot light. I made it emit photons for global illumination to work and here's the result for now:

The shaders definitely need some tweaking. There;s too much color bleeding from almost every fruit, especially the apple.

This is it for now. I plan to refine the lighting and shaders much more.

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