Friday, April 17, 2009

Legrand-Simon LS-60 Complete!

It's finally done.

I wanted the plane to have a showroom look, as if it were on display on a turntable. I changed the lighting set up. I made a three point set up. A spotlight as the key, the HDRI dome as the fill and another spotlight as the fill. I set up the renders in 5 layers, including z-depth. I had ground occlusion and plane occlusion as separated passes so that I could lower their intensity during compositing.

It took quite a while to render - at least 2 days. I then jumped into Fusion (I love this program) and composited everything:

And then I thought, why not do something different? Thus, I played around with the zoom lens of the 3D camera and rendered my image in few passes again. During compositing, I gave it a different lighting feel:

Hope you like this image. It can be found here. Do feel free to comment on this :)

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