Thursday, April 9, 2009

Decals & Stickers on Windows

I've been having fun at textures and I just decided to go with the flow. Since I wanted the plane to have a sports kind of look, I went on to texture the windows and the windshield:

Since this would have been my first attempt at texturing a vehicle properly (other than the spaceship previously for which I had strict deadlines to adhere to), I want it to signify me. I want it to represent me, and what I do. So if you observe closely, my name and my identity is all over the place. If you look closely on the front part of the plane on the side, I made a decal that says "supporter of:" and then the logos of the various software I use such as Maya, AE, RealFlow, Photoshop, Fusion and boujou. This is meant as a subtle humour kind of thing. All the decals and stickers textures are made in Photoshop.

What I'm most proud about this process is that I went on to UV map every single aspect of the plane, even the windows and the windshield. Notice the black lining on the door frame just before the window starts. That is supposed to be the rubber strip for the seal. I'm very proud of this personal project. More to come soon :)

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