Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weightlifter on CG Background

Well, if anyone is curious...

This is one of the assignments I had to do for motion graphics class - though I think it has nothing to do with motion graphics but more to do with rotoscoping and visual effects.

The weightlifter was keyed out from his background. It was still too untidy at this stage because of the watermark BBC text that was superimposed on his body throughout the 15 seconds. So I had to mask out all the untidy edges. He still isn't 100% clean though. Oh well..

Next, I had to place him against a background. I wanted it to be original, so I created the background in Vue and placed the weightlifter on the rock. The camera in the weightlifter footage was moving, so I tracked it and linked the background footage to the track so that the weightlifter wouldn't appear to be floating on the background.

Finally, I touched up both the elements until it looked as if it was one whole scene rather than two elements composited (hopefully I was successful at this). This included color correction, adding the weightlifter's shadow and the classic vignette. out the sequence at 720p resolution.

The final rendered clip is below. Hope you all like it. Comments are welcome.

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