Sunday, February 1, 2009

Legrand-Simon LS-60 - Modeling

I felt like modeling something so I decided to model a small aircraft. The blueprints were given to me. But I felt that it did not show much, so I went onto the net to find some reference images:

Once I felt that I had enough reference, I loaded up the blueprints in Maya and started the modeling process. I started with the front part and slowly built my way behind. This time, I was careful enough not to add too much resolution to tighten up the edges in the early stages as how I had done on my BMW car model. I completed the rough body blocking first. It was pretty tedious, ensuring the four-sided quads and things like that, but I managed.

Once I was happy, I separated the pieces. I made the door and detailed it, followed by the windscreen. Then I moved on to modeling the propeller. I kind of feel happy with this model because nothing has gone wrong yet (touchwood!!). I just have to clean up a few edges to blend in the pieces together nicely and tightly. Been working on it for the past 5 hours non-stop. This is what the result looks like at the moment.

It's 3 am now. Think I'll go sleep and continue the rest tomorrow =)

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