Friday, February 20, 2009

Norman Georgio - First 3D Character

Norman Georgio

This is my first try at modeling a 3D character. It's a school assignment and it's still works in progress. I had not drawn my character out before modeling, but I pretty much had him in mind. I wanted to model an exaggerated American African. I was inspired by Samuel Jackson from the movie, Pulp Fiction.

So anyway, I started out with a NURBS model, acting as a guide for my final model. After shaping the shape of my head using the NURBS sphere, I converted it into a polygon and redrew some of the edges to make it completely quad. I started with the eyelids, then the nose, lips and ears. I plan to re-model the ears though.

I had to show my works in progress today so I smoothed my mesh and applied a subsurface scattering skin shader and rendered a few images for my presenetation.

And here's a quick turntable I made of Norman. It was rendered in two passes - beauty pass with subsurface scattering and the other with ambient occlusion.

I should be refining the character further. I do plan to add an Afro hairstyle, but then again, I may not. Don't ask me why I came up with the name Norman Georgio. I think it suits him :)

More to come later.

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