Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunset View

I know this is a little bit off my workload but I had gone to watch Wall-E with Jake, Greg and Wendy at Downtown East (great movie by the way) and after the movie finished, we accidentally came across this car park on the top level - and the scenery from there was beautiful. Immediately, a lot of CG scenes started coming to my mind and I could almost visualize a visual effects sequence happening. Here let me show you..

You can almost imagine this as a runway although it's just a car park. With a bit of CG set extension in the background, removal of the bump on the road, the lampposts lighted up and a CG plane approaching from the background, it would be a perfect VFX shot.

The sky just happened to be so beautiful that I had to take a few shots for the sake of reference. The interesting part was the sunset. I had Greg standing in the middle of the scene with the sunset happening beside him, and I told him to jump so that I could take a snap of him in midair.

I really feel very proud of this shot - I don't know why. I took another shot of some spikey things in front of the clouds. I wanted it to have a silhouette as light shined from behind. I adjusted the image below in Photoshop to make it more dramatic.

Overall, my take on this entire experience would be that it was very inspiring. A lot of ideas came into my mind and how you can simply transform a car park scene into something else. Very motivating! =)

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