Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Compositing in Fusion

Still in the process of playing around with Fusion. This time, I'm trying to create a matte painting of grass, trees, mountains and sky in Fusion and have the camera track in slightly. Well so far, I've just progressed with the grass part, which doesn't look any realistic at this point in time. Here's the node flow and a preview of what I've done so far:

Compositing is really fun if you come to think about it. All of a sudden, you tend to look things from a different perspective. Even when you step out of the house and you see a beautiful scenery, your mind tends to compose the image in front of you into layers and see the depth in it. Personally I think it's a damn cool thing, just that it's very tedious. Heck of a job. The only key trick to compositing is to get the lighting and colors right to make it look realistic/believable. Other than that, technical knowledge plays a pretty important part to help get things done.

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