Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spaceship DR-2009

I did all the above in one night.

I had the four orthographic views to create this spaceship. I separated the four images using Photoshop and alligned it in Maya. I used a NURBS spehere for the nose and roughly sculpted the shape before converting it to polygons. At this stage, I regretted doing that because I had a lot of edge flow to fix. I could have just used a polygon cylinder instead.

So anyway, I modeled everything from the nose onwards. I had lots of problem completing the last part of the spaceship, so I decided to use a separate polygon cyclinder instead. This workd out well. After finishing the wings and the landing-thingie, I cut up all the pieces and modified them for those different-panels-stuck-together look.

After the entire model was complete, I roughly laid out the UVs and textured everything in Photoshop. But apparently, I realised later on that the textures were in the wrong direction.

I brought everything into Vue and made a simple desert environment as the background and rendered the image you see above.

Here are more screen shots of my model.

Hopefully if I get the time, I'll re-texture my model.

Anyway, I made a teaser trailer kind of thing on my spaceship. Its called DR-2009 by the way :) It's completely rough. So just give it a chance :)

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