Friday, March 6, 2009

Norman Georgio - 3D Character Model Complete

So I finally finished my Norman character, complete with textures and an almost fully functional rig. I spent a lot of time rigging this guy, and I managed to finish all of it except his head. I did create tongue controls by figuring out which constraints to use and by a couple of set driven keys. I did not have time to do the paint weights properly, as submission was extremely near. So here are a few snaps of my dear Norman :)

Complete Norman model

Norman rig and controls

Pose Test

Pose Test

I was trying out a few blendshapes for facial animation. Just when I thought I was going on the right track, I realised that I had rigged the head in the wrong order, thus I had to delete all my blendshapes and re-do them:

Wrong set of blendshapes

Norman Head Close-up

Norman Facial Test

Here's a short animation I did on Norman walking. I did this is roughly two hours. It's not complete yet though.

When I get more time, I'll complete this properly with animation :)

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