Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Interrogation Room

So I finally did some lighting on an interior scene created by someone else. In this case, Naf, my classmate, made the models and textures for this scene and the layout was done by her too. I requested her if I could do the lighting on it and she agreed fortunately! :)

So I got started. I knew that I wanted to give this place an uncomfortable feel, hence I chose my color palette and decided to start lighting. I also did a simple camera animation with some changes in focal length as I wanted to play around with the depth of field in post.

I used final gathering. Also, I felt the need to render the scene in different layers as the chair in the foreground wasn't getting enough backlight and my focal point was being affected. Hence I added a spotlight and rendered the chair as a separate element. I also added a zdepth pass for compositing depth blur in post.

After the render (using mental Ray), I brought everything to Fusion and composited everything. I animated the lens flare by hand, but after a while, it got tedious and it wasn't so accurate either. So, I motion tracked the last few frames of the shot and had the lens flare follow the track. The tricky part in this whole compositing process was of course to animate the depth of field effect.

Here's the final footage:
(if the video below is being cut off, please visit www.youtube.com/digimator to view it.)

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