Saturday, November 22, 2008

Audio Assignment

Hello everyone. Been busy with school work. Recently we had this audio assignment, and this is what I did for my final assignment. Basically we ripped a clip from YouTube, Poseidon in this case because I'm an action fan. We took out all the original audio and replaced it with our own. Angie and I were in charge of this assginment. I was in charge of all the dry parts, meaning I did the crashes and explosions and things breaking - basically the first half of the clip. Angie handled the remaining half of it with the wet stuff - all the water sounds and things interacting with water. Then I mixed in the background score, which happens to be from the Dark Knight movie. Finally, both Angie and I adjusted the sound levels and volume and voila - that's our final product =) Enjoy!

Voice-overs (ADR):

The woman who says "What is that?" - Angie
"Connor, Connor!" - Andrea Lek
"That way's a valve, come on let's go!" - ME =)

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