Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Interior Modeling

So this week, I've been doing a lot of R&D on lighting. The key thing to making believable visual effects is lighting. So I decided to go really in-depth into it and discover what mental ray for Maya can offer. I researched on Global Illumination and a little bit of final gather and certain mental ray features.

Well, to put my R&D into practice, I decided to do a little bit of interior modeling. I looked up some reference for sofa and created my own version. After that, I made the coffee table and the lamp purely out of my own imagination. I added the paint effects tree for the flower pot and added a painting frame on the ceiling.

I'm not finished yet actually. I still plan to add windows and curtains on the wall and other details such as the wire cord of the lamp, flower pot on the coffee table, cushions, etc. After I'm done with the modeling, I plan to texture my set and light and render it through mental ray using GI.

As for my hydrant - haiz, it's darn slow. It's still rendering. Shall post up the final clip when it's done.

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