Thursday, July 17, 2008

Subsurface Scattering Experiment

I keep on hearing this term and after Alan explained to me about what it was, I decided to play around with it.

So I built a simple model, inspired by the Hulk, his upper half and rendered it with subsurface scattering through mental ray. This is what it looks like.

The whole point of this subsurface scattering technology is to get realistic looking skin. I don't quite know whether I got there or not. I applied a dielectric material to the ground so that it would give a nice reflection and turned on final gathering. I used two lights in the scene. One spotlight for the backlight and a directional light for the fill light.

I then twitched around with the model to exaggerate the muscles using the sculpt geometry tool. Once I was happy with the model, I rigged it and skinned it very roughly and adjusted the arms to give it a pose and rendered it again.

I was quite happy with this. I've never modeled a human figure before, and although the anatomy is wrong here, I still like the fact that it's over-exaggerated. Perhaps the skin might need to look less plastic like.

Next, I wanted to make it look like a stone sculpture. I carried on playing with the texture.

Was quite happy with this. It's definitely inspiring me to make an exaggerated anatomical human-like creature.

No updates about the car yet. Haven't gotten the time yet. More later.

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