Sunday, July 20, 2008

Demoreel 2008

As I had promised, I'm finally done with my demoreel. Actually I was done quite some time back, approximately a week ago, but I had issues compressing it for web streaming. Well anyway, here it is:

Demoreel 2008

Do remember to turn on your speakers (=

It's the compilation of my latest works. Longest one I've done so far. Compiled entirely in After Effects. Do feel free to comment on it.

I'd like to thank Tad Leckman from Lucasfilm Animation Singapore for guiding me on improving my demoreel during the consultation session at NAFA after their talk on how to make a good demoreel.

Enjoy! =)


For those who can't access the youtube version video, here's the blog version:

Youtube version would still be a better choice though.

Enjoy once again.

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