Saturday, May 30, 2009

Toon Rendering

Recently one of my school projects required me to do a short animated film in a group. My role in the team was modeling/lighting/texturing/rendering/compositing. The film was basically done by animating characters traditionally and the backgrounds in 3D. To have a consistency in style, a stylized look for 3D rendering was required. Hence, I began my research in toon shading using Maya. I faced a few problems such as lighting and getting the shadows right, but I fixed most of them.

This car was modeled by my friend, Gregory Poon. I constructed the set, did the mountains background in Photoshop and rendered everything using Maya software. Finally, everything was composited in Fusion. The original clip has camera shake, which I did using an expression to randomly offset the camera's position.

The exterior set of a gas station on a highway just before a death valley in the United States. The shadows were blurred during compositing in Fusion. Entire shot done by me, including concept, layout, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, and compositing.

The Death Valley sign. Still facing the issue of jagged-edged shadows.

These two are interior shops inside the gas station. For the first shot, everything was done by me. The hand is the same hand used in the previous iSellfish project where the shop-owner puts the bag of fish on the counter. For the second shot, the character was designed and traditionally animated by Angeline Chong. The rest of it was all 3D and done by me.

I'll update here once the video is uploaded on YouTube.

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