Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lighting Tests

I decided to work my lighting. I hadn't touched Maya for quite a long time. I went back to my old scene of the living room. Since I had problems rendering it, I decided to export the models out and re-import them in another scene. I made the 4 walls, only this time, they were each a separate object. So the walls were made up of 6 planes.

Since I was doing lighting after a very long time, I decided to go slowly. So I imported the coffee table and the long sofa first and rendered through mental ray with global illumination turned on.

I thought this was a little bit dark so I adjusted the settings and re-rendered the image, this time with the side sofas included.

I textured the ground with the wooden material and made it slightly reflective. I also changed the settings so that the reflections would appeared blurred, as if the wood was newly polished.

It still remained too dark for me. So I textured the walls white and re-rendered the scene.

Too bright I suppose. Well actually, I'm really tired. I want to re-model the sofas because somehow they don't give me this feeling of comfort. Oh well, I shall try some other time.

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